Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hautelook Order

About 10 days ago, I created an order on Hautelook because I had a voucher that I purchased from Plum District for $25 to get $50 on Hautelook. Since it was going to expire soon, and Hautelook had a HUGE blowout, I matched the two up to pick up some great deals on designer clothing! I purchased:

a Pure & Simple Oversized Short Sleeve Top.

Regular price: $50
My price: $10

a Romeo & Juliet Couture Button Shoulder V-Neck Sweater

Regular price: $128
My price: $15

a Wildfox Couture Splatter Flashdance Sweatshirt

Regular price: $88
My price: $18

a Splendid Light Jersey Cardigan

Regular price: $63
My price: $13

Shipping was $8.95, which was pretty pricey, but distributed throughout each item made it only about $2.25 per item, which isn't that bad. (I think it's less when purchasing beauty items)

I had been happy about this until today when I found out that three of my four items were short shipped, which basically means the brands were unable to deliver the inventory they originally promised. Hautelook emailed me, and told me my credit card will be refunded, the remains of my $50 voucher will be reinstated as credit (which is better than a voucher, because credits don't have expiration dates and can be used for shipping, unlike my voucher!). PLUS, I received $20 credit for each item that was short shipped.

Even though I'm upset that I'm not receiving the clothes I originally ordered, the $20 credit per item is nice. I'm gonna continue searching for good deals and blowouts on Hautelook.

***Links in this post are my referral links. If you use this link to sign up with Plum District, you receive $5 off your first purchase. You can use this link to sign up with Hautelook.