Sunday, February 12, 2012

Latest Hautelook Purchases

I LOVE Hautelook's Sunday night blowouts! They're nearly every Sunday at 7pm eastern or 4pm pacific. Hautelook typically offers extremely good prices on designer clothing, but on Sunday nights, the prices are insanely affordable! The only problem with it is that you need to be quick, and the earlier you are the better, because the pickings become slim later on in the night. Shipping is typically $7.95, which is considered a lot for most sample sale sites. Also, the shipping time is super long, (something about how they first need to get the clothing from the manufacturer, and then once your entire order is at the Hautelook warehouse, they'll ship it to you) but that's what you get with clothes at these prices!

Although my last Hautelook order didn't exactly go too well, I decided to try again this Sunday night because I had about $130 in credit. These were my purchases:

ALEXIS Mirabelle Cardigan in Grey
Regular price: $200
My price: $16

Sweet Romeo Long Sleeve Grandfather Button Cardigan in Navy
Regular price: $68
My price: $10

My Tribe Beka Cardigan
Regular price: $139
My price: $16

Just another picture of the same cardigan. It has a cute feminine ruffle on the back.

Costa Blanca Cowl Neck Tunic

Regular price: $46
My price: $10

My Tribe Slim Pointe Pant
Regular price: $95
My price: $5

I actually split these into two orders, because I thought I was done shopping, and then I went back and found that some of the items that I wanted and were on hold were available. I did have to pay double shipping though, but the prices are really good, so it'll make up for that! I'm hoping everything gets delivered this time, and my last order doesn't repeat itself!
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